Skip Bayless blames Dr. James Andrews for RGIII’s knee injury?

The debate over whether RGIII should have played in Sunday's game against Seattle won't end any time in the near future. Although the Redskins led the Seahawks 14-0, Griffin aggrivated a knee injury in the first half and left the game in the 4th Quarter after the knee gave out in an ugly looking way. Most Washington fans are upset with Mike Shanahan after Dr. James Andrews said he never cleared RGIII to come back in the first place after an injury in early December. 

Then there's Skip Bayless, who blames … Dr. Andrews himself? This is what Bayless tweeted after RG3 went down:

If Skip Bayless is to be believed, Robert Griffin III's knee physically went out because of doubts created in his mind via a quote from a physician on the sideline. During the game Bayless claimed that RGIII could still make plays even on one leg. Thus, Bayless admited RGIII had a legitimate injury, and supposedly not something dreamed in his head. Within the hour, Bayless then claimed Andrews was at fault for placing doubt in RGIII's mind with thoughts of an injury, seemingly denying the injury he noted earlier in the game.

You're only arguing with yourself now, Skip.

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