San Jose Sharks announcer Randy Hahn received a puzzling letter in the mail from a rental car company in Edmonton. Hahn had recently rented a car from the company while the Sharks were visiting the Edmonton Oilers, but he wasn't sure why they were contacting him after his trip. As it turns out, Hahn was driving a bit too fast on Wayne Gretzky Drive in Alberta and was caught speeding by a traffic camera. 

The result? A humorous and pretty ironic $99 ticket that matches The Great One's sweater number. 

Hahn doesn't doubt that he was speeding as he claims in his personal blog that he was probably distracted breaking down the team's power play with fellow analyst Drew Remenda, but he was blown away by the fine he was being assessed. 

Hahn comments that he wouldn't be surprised if this was the fee given to any motorist speeding down Wayne Gretzky Drive so people don't feel quite as bad paying it. Feelings of anger might be replaced with a sense of irony if you're forced to pay a fine that matches Gretzky's old number. 

Not surprisingly, Hahn said he was going to frame his ticket. We probably would too.

(H/T Puck Daddy)

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