The Brooklyn Nets PR twitter page, which gave us such gems as below, is sadly no more.

According to The Brooklyn Game, the PR department has decided to "go in a different direction" with the account. Is that PR-speak for "everyone was making fun of us?"

The handle, @Nets_PR has been silent since Feb. 28. 

TBG notes:

"That's because the Nets organization has decided to go in a different direction with how they use their PR account — specifically, changing the voice that represents the team's public relations. The Nets want a unified voice from their public accounts, a voice that the PR account's nature didn't align with."

The man behind the snarky, quirky tweets that we'd come to love, Nets Public Relations Manager Calder Hynes, still maintains a personal account.

It's honestly too bad the team decided Hynes's voice didn't align with their overall goal (to be boring?).

Twitter is all about personality – as in, you have to have one to keep your audience interested and engaged. Hynes was certainly doing that with his unconventional tweets, and we can almost guarantee whomever takes over the account will not give us tweets like this…

[The Brooklyn Game]

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