Usually awkward SportsCenter interviews are corralled within the celebrity world, but yesterday's Boxing Day episode featured an at times bizarre, at times hilarious, at times uncomfortable interview with a very notable athlete.  Ronda Rousey appeared on SportsCenter to promote her fight with Miesha Tate this weekend and it wasn't your average interview with anchor Matt Barrie.  The video and highlights below including Rousey swearing and a shout out for the cuddle tree, whatever the heck that is…

-Barrie on Rousey joking about throwing furniture against the walls at a hotel to bother tate, "Well if you threw furniture you would probably be billed for it since you were staying at a hotel."   I laughed out loud at Barrie scolding Rousey.  Was he trolling?  Joking?  Being deadly serious about hotel vandalism?

-The SC censors barely missing Rousey calling her relationship with Tate "sh*tty" and then Rousey laughing and apologizing for it.

-"Enter the cuddle tree."  That's probably the first time that was said on SportsCenter.

-A weird exchange about Rousey's famous armbar, which is right out of MMA for Dummies.  Props to Rousey for calling out Barrie with, "is that a question or a statement?"

-"Perhaps maybe the next 24 hours go find a teddy bear, hug it, give it some love."  Barrie was smart to say this in a satellite interview and not with Rousey next to him, lest he have 2 broken arms and a few teeth knocked out.

At times this sounded more like a Daily Show interview than something you'd see on SportsCenter. Maybe SportsCenter brought back Ron Burgundy after missing his previously scheduled appearance this month and he was actually disguised as one of ESPN's lesser known anchors the day after a holiday.  That's the only reasonable explanation for this clip that was equal parts awkward, funny, and weird.


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