There have been a ton of sportscasts built on themes, memes, and impressions this year.  One in Idaho even featured an anchor impersonating Ron Burgundy.  Burgundy made another appearance last night in Bismarck, North Dakota…. except this time it was the genuine article.

Will Ferrell is a genius at viral antics.  Much like his Old Milwaukee spots that aired in smaller markets and then went nationwide thanks to the power of the internet, Ferrell showed up as Burgundy in Bismarck, North Dakota of all places on KX News.  Why Bismarck, North Dakota?  Must be that northern plains bias and all.

SportsCenter, Dan Patrick, Olympic curling, North Dakota news… like we said last week, you're going to see Ron Burgundy absolutely everywhere until Anchorman 2 comes out.  Maybe he'll even reach out to smaller audiences than the local North Dakota news and make an appearance on Fox Sports 1 or something.


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