Well, that didn't take long.  A month after seeing his contract not renewed by ESPN for incendiary comments about Redskins QB Robert Griffin III, disgraced sports bogeyman Rob Parker is back.

Don't worry, Rob Parker isn't likely returning to a television anywhere near you anytime soon.  (We hope.)  No, Parker has signed up with an independent online sports outfit, The Shadow League.  I've never heard of The Shadow League until 2 PM ET today, and their employment of Rob Parker makes me wish it would have stayed that way.

But the press release praising the "illustrious" and "famed" Rob Parker and his addition should be good for a laugh, no?  Here it is in its entirety…

Today, TheShadowLeague.com announced award-winning sports columnist Rob Parker has been added to its roster. Parker's first column for the newly unveiled website will be published Thursday, Feb. 7, 2013.

"There is no doubt that Rob's love of sports permeates everything he does," says TheShadowLeague.com Editor-in-Chief Vince Thomas. "We are truly excited that he has joined TheShadowLeague.com. Rob's hard-hitting and honest opinions make him a standout sports columnist who can reach fans in print and online spaces, as well as radio and television. "

Parker has enjoyed an illustrious career in sports journalism for more than twenty years. The famed writer has broken many boundaries, garnering acclaim as the first black sports columnist in the newsrooms of the Detroit Free Press and Newsday. He is also a distinguished Baseball Hall of Fame voter. Additionally, Parker has written for the New Haven Register, the Detroit Newsand the New York Daily News. Most recently, Parker spent eight years with ESPN, debating hot topics on ESPN's "FirstTake," riding the airwaves of ESPN Radio and writing for the ESPN.com affiliate ESPN.com/NewYork.

"Voices like Parker's are the reason why we launched TheShadowLeague.com," said Keith Clinkscales, Founder & CEO of Shadow League Digital. "Rob clearly has passion. His experience and insight can help shape our voice."

Based in Detroit, Parker is a native New Yorker who graduated with a B.S. in journalism from Southern Connecticut State University. He is also an esteemed graduate of Columbia University's Graduate School of Journalism.

I don't know what's most disturbing about this.  The fact that Parker actually has a graduate degree in journalism from Columbia and then developed into the antithesis of a journalist.  Maybe it's the fact that The Shadow League extolls Parker breaking boundaries, like bringing "cornball brother" to the forefront of sports coverage.

No, no, no… it's the fact that Rob Parker is a Baseball Hall of Fame voter.  Now we know why that process is all screwed up.

*Keith Clinkscales (once in the headlines himself) is a former ESPN executive and The Shadow League is actually a newly launched venture funded by ESPN although it is an independent outlet.  It's a soft landing spot for Rob Parker as he looks to rebuild his controversial career.

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