Rich Eisen’s dating app is here to help you find love

The NFL Network's Rich Eisen has created a smartphone app to help you find love based on your sports affiliation. Finally! Finally there's an app that caters to my sports obsession!

Via Next Impulse Sports:

The worlds of sports and dating do not always mesh. Going to games can be a weird experience if one party is more interested [sic] the game than romance. One person may care more about the fate of their team than the fate of their love life. Well, that could all change with the Free Agent app.
Broadcaster Rich Eisen attached his name to the new dating app, which matches up partners based on mutual fandom.
Here are some specs from the website:
• It’s Fast! Connect with other sports fans nearby with just a click of a button
• It’s Free! Browse up to 200 fans within 50 miles of you at no charge
• It’s Exclusive! RSVP for exclusive offers and parties in our EVENTS section
• It’s Fun! Send photos, your location, and chat inside the app
• It’s All Sports! 10 Sports to base your matches on including college teams
• It’s Everywhere! Locate your team’s bar in a new city
I’m a little confused by that last part which says it’s everywhere, but on the website it mentions that it is in LA with an NYC launch coming soon. Currently, it is only available for the iPhone, but an Android launch is coming next year.
Well, euphoria over. I have an Android.

In an interview with Good Day LA, Eisen noted that they decided to launch in LA because there are so many transplants here (I myself just transplanted to Orange County) – therefore someone in LA is more likely to find other Villanova fans than say someone in Salina, Kansas. It's unfortunate that the app is only available on the iPhone and in ONE city because sports-loving andorid users outside the greater LA area are just going to have to suffer until the app rolls their way. And does it have a "Block me from someone who is a fan of X" section? Because it should. We all know that Michigan and Ohio State fans cannot co-exist, no matter what those ESPN commercials say


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