Reporter Jessica Sanchez from WKMG in Orlando is one of many, many local reporters covering the Super Bowl this week in New Orleans. During an early morning report, Sanchez encountered a 49ers fan that was pretty clearly intoxciated (despite it being 5:15 in the morning, according to the station's on-screen clock and accounting for the time difference). Sanchez's response to the fan wandering in her shot was to concoct a story about how she's talking about the STD rate in New Orleans, and to ask the fan how long she's had an STD.

The fan was flummoxed by Sanchez's question, and babbled her way out of the conversation… but not before hopping back in the shot twice more, much to the irritation of Sanchez. This is a pretty fantastic takedown of someone invading your shot, but you have to think there's going to be some discipline from the network for this… even if it was a brilliant counterpunch to drunken videobombers everywhere.

[Bob's Blitz]

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