Redskins ownership needs to chillax

A Redskins team spokesman whined last week to the team’s beat reporter about WJFK’s weekly parodies at the expense of the team and while doing so dropped the two most overused words in the English language: legal action.

Via the Washington Post:

The bits, performed by host Danny Rouhier and produced by Ajay Atayee, are a mock play-by-play of a Redskins game, voiced primarily by Rouhier as a fake Larry Michael and fake Jurgensen. Actual clips of Cooley — like Jurgensen, a former Redskin — are included in the routines.

In addition to mocking the team’s poor play, the routines have skewered everything from long waits and high prices at FedEx Field (“This score means all fans in attendance can wander the parking-lot wasteland and sit in traffic. All that for 50 bucks!”) to Snyder’s occasional litigiousness (one segment is fake-sponsored by “Michaels, Michaels, Michaels & Michaels — official suing partner of the Washington Redskins”).

Apparently when the station’s program director told the team to take a chill pill, it smoothed things over. Either way, the Redskins ownership must have more important things to do with its time than try to violate the First Amendment rights of a talk radio station. Come on.

[Washington Post]

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