What is it about Monday Night Football and controversial endings thanks to referees?  This year there were no replacement refs harmed, but that doesn't mean confusion and uncertainty didn't reign everywhere.  After Luke Kuechly tackled Rob Gronkowski in the endzone on the game's final play with Carolina leading New England by 4, the refs threw a flag for pass interference.  It was then picked up without any explanation as to why and the game ended.  New England was angry, Carolina was happy, and nobody had any idea what had happened.

Thankfully, that's why most networks who cover the NFL employ rules analysts.  In the MNF booth, Gerry Austin said the right decision was made to pick up the flag.  There was just one slight little issue with that.

Nobody agreed with him.

According to Fox rules analyst Mike Pereira and NBCSports.com's Jim Daopoulos (and everyone else who voiced an opinion on the play), Austin was wrong and the initial flag should not have been picked up…

So to recap…

Fox NFL Rules Analyst – Penalty
NBC NFL Rules Analyst – Penalty
ESPN NFL Rules Analyst – No Penalty

Confused?  Good.  You should be.  The only thing we've learned is that nobody knows the rules to football.

Of course, that wasn't all.  Plenty of NFL writers, football analysts, bloggers, and fans from around the country were less than satisfied with Austin's explanation of the play and let their voices be heard on Twitter in humorous ways.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

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