The beacon of integrity and justice that is the NCAA fessed up to totally botching their investigation into the University of Miami and Nevin Shapiro Wednesday.  How bad is it for the NCAA?  They announced an investigation into their own investigation of Miami with embattled president Mark Emmert saying he was "angered" and "saddened" at the embarrassing events.  For once the NCAA had to publicly admit to their own hypocrisy and asininity.  The facade of amateurism disguising the big business that is the NCAA is such an obvious sham it's not even up for debate anymore.  From Penn State to Miami to cream cheese violations to everyone getting rich but the athletes, the organization is a joke that makes FIFA look semi-legitimate.  The NCAA makes its own rules, selectively enforces them, and can't even get that right.

In the wake of those Miami developments, it was so awesome to see people who cover college athletics for a living pour gasoline on the burning couch fire that is the NCAA's inept establishment.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

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