Expect to see headlines like this all over the ESPN family of networks once again this summer.  The New England Patriots signed Tim Tebow Monday, which is pretty much the Doomsday Scenario for the coming season.  If you thought Bristol went overboard withTebowMania 2.0 and the Jets, just imagine what will happen when combined with Bill Belichick and the most high profile franchise in the sport.  It's TebowMania 3.0 – Bigger, Longer, & Uncut (or maybe that was the South Park movie).

Nothing can be written on this subject that hasn't been written ad naseum already.  Just replace "Jets" with "Patriots" and "Rex" with "Belichick" and you'll see the same tired headlines, the same tired debates, the same old song and dance that we've had to suffer through the last two and a half years.  So instead of another "fresh take" wrapped in hot manure, here are some tweets mocking ESPN's reaction to the signing.  As always, these are Real Tweets from Real People…

As long as they have their heads screwed on straight, this could be the greatest thing to ever happen to Fox Sports 1, seeing as how they can provide a real Tebow-free alternative to Sal Paolantonio staking out Pats camp.  Time to see if ESPN listens to the warnings of their own president for TebowMania 3.0.  

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