Dwyane Wade is trying his darndest to make himself the most unlikable member of the Miami Heat.  LeBron James had a great head start with the whole Decision Debacle, but time is beginning to heal some of those wounds (at least outside the 216 area code).  Wade has delivered more than his fair share of cheap shots on the court, but now he's gone way too far.

He's trying to give himself a self-appointed nickname.

Apparently "Flash" and "D-Wade" are no longer good enough for the Heat star, who wants to be called "WoW."  No, really.  Apparently it means "Way of WADE" but the only thing that makes you say "wow" is how lame this idea actually is…

Self-appointed nicknames never work out and when the person in question goes as far as to change his Twitter name to try and shove said nickname down America's throat, it compounds the problem.  And, when your new self-appointed nickname is little more than a shameless way to try to promote your new Chinese shoe line, it makes it the worst attempt at a nickname in the history of sports.  About the only person I can actually see falling for this is Skip Bayless.  LeBron James called the nickname "corny" and even Wade's followers on Twitter were less than impressed.  As always these are Real Tweets from Real People..

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