Bill Walton's return to ESPN airwaves after a several year absence has certainly made the college basketball announcing scene much more colorful.  After battling severe health issues and even contemplating suicide, it's great to see Walton back in the booth calling Pac 12 games for ESPN on a regular basis.  

Last night's UCLA-Washington game was Walton at his wildest.  He unmercifully ripped current Bruins coach Ben Howland to almost awkward levels while delivering continuing along on his own planet of one.  He has the most unique announcing style in the history of the spoken word.  Walton's use of hyperbole is in and of itself hyperbolic – he'll give random shoutouts to the Grateful Dead or Linda Ronstadt, impart wisdom from John Wooden, call a simple bounce pass one of the great plays in the history of western civilization, and travel any and everywhere in between.

I've been a fan of Walton since the days when he called NBA games with Marv Albert and Steve "Snapper" Jones.  I'll even speak in a slightly raised monotone and declare random ordinary things to be the greatest of all-time in their respective realm.  He's never taken the game too seriously and he actually does sprinkle some basketball insight into his Waltonisms.  You can't make it through this list of Waltonisms (comparing Eric Piatkowski to Jerry West and talking about Fabricio Oberto defying gravity) without laughing.

Alas, I know everyone is not a fan of the redhead.  It's amazing to read these tweets and realize they're all about the same person, but whether you love or hate Bill Walton you have to appreciate the fact that he is still breaking the mold.  As always these are Real Tweets from Real People…

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