Even though Randy Moss has traded in his helmet for a microphone, the former Vikings and Patriots (among others) star still feels like he could be a top-tier NFL wide receiver.

In an interview with Fox's Peter Schrager on Schrager's podcast, Moss said, "If I had to go out here and feed my family by getting back on that football field, I could still put up 15 or 16 touchdowns. I can still play the game."

Moss spent his 2012 season with the 49ers, catching 28 passes for 434 yards and three touchdowns. He didn't play at all in 2011, and the 36-year old's only worse season than 2012 was 2010, which he spent with the Patriots, Vikings, and Titans.

I'm sure in his new role as an analyst on Fox Football Daily, Moss is seeing some things from receivers that make him confident in his abilities. But 2012 wasn't that long ago, and Moss struggled as the fourth receiver option on a team that won the NFC title. Moss has excelled in his new role as an FS1 analyst, but one wonders what would happen if an ESPN analyst like Cris Carter or Keyshawn Johnson had said this on ESPN airwaves. It's likely it would have gotten an entire day's worth of the news cycle out of the uproar.

If Moss were forced out of the NFL because of an injury, or walked away on a high note like Barry Sanders, maybe his claims would have a little more credence. But Moss went into broadcasting because he couldn't get a job in the NFL, not for either of the aforementioned reasons. And the thing is this: Moss doesn't *need* to go onto the field and catch touchdowns anymore. He's thriving in his new role as an analyst. He should just stick to being great at that, because last year showed that he's not the playmaker he once was.

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