Quinn Buckner likes his smothered chicken!

Admittedly, I haven't watched many Indiana Pacers games, so I don't know if this video falls under one of analyst Quinn Buckner's signature calls… or if it randomly came out of the blue.  During last night's game, Ian Mahinmi stuffed a T'Wolves shot against the backboard and Quinn yelled out, "WE HAD SOME SMOTHERED CHICKEN ON THAT ONE!!!  SMOTHERED CHICKEEEEEEEN!!!"

I can't tell whether I love it or I hate it… mostly because I have absolutely no idea what it means.  Smothered chicken?  In that voice?  After a quick Google search I also discovered a decent looking recipe from Dr. Maya Angelou.  But in a basketball context?  Can anybody help me figure this out?

Matt Yoder

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