With free agency roaring out of the gate, today has been one of those rare occasions where hovering around watching NFL Network doesn't make you a nut job. Following a brief interview with Warren Sapp, Scott Hanson dove into an interview with Scott Pioli, a former front office executive with the Patriots and Chiefs. Unfortunately though, Warren Sapp wasn't happy with the angle of the interview and worse, Sapp was still mic'd up.

Below is the video. (Note: Sapp is going to say some naughty words)…

Although the audio is a bit hard to make out and you can't definitively say it is Sapp, a chorus of keen listeners all tabbed Sapp as the culprit and interpreted the audio as this:

And with that, we'd like to invite Sapp to join us as a guest contributor to the site. We can definitely work around his YouTube court room reality show schedule. 

Update: Although NFL Network has not issued an apology (odd), Hanson did mention the incident in this clip below.

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