While in Denver, George Karl has gotten out of the first round of the postseason precisely once as Nuggets head coach out of nine appearances.  However, he did win this year's Coach of the Year award in the NBA for taking the Nuggets to a 57-25 season and the #3 seed in the west.

Phil Jackson is someone who knows about coaching success, but since he hasn't returned to coaching just yet he's reserving his particular brand of zen for what is quickly becoming one of the best Twitter feeds in sports.  Just have a taste of this "congratulatory" message Jackson sent Karl…

That "nice run" in the playoffs consisted of being upset by Golden State in the first round.  And what's more, Jackson didn't even bother to use the correct handle for Karl, even after seeing it used in an earlier retweet he sent from Pau Gasol.  That's some epic shade being thrown by the zen master.

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