Peter Gammons is one of the most respected, revered sportswriters in America.  But he made a stunning comparison today when discussing the Alex Rodriguez saga.  When he was interviewed on Mike Lupica's ESPN Radio New York show, Gammons relayed thoughts comparing A-Rod to the Boston Marathon bombers in how he's handled his battle with Major League Baseball.

"I've had people with the Yankees say this to me. He wants to blow up the world.  He's like the marathon bombers."

In fairness, Gammons infers that he's had people from the Yankees say at least part of that quote to him, so who knows if that's Gammons' thoughts entirely or whether he's just relaying the marathon bombing analogy from within the organization.  Still though, it's probably best to not share that kind of analogy publicly under any circumstances.  Say what you want about A-Rod… but terrorist?  Wherever that line of thinking is coming from, it just goes to show how toxic this situation is and how perspective is quickly being lost.

UPDATE: Gammons has apologized on Twitter.

(audio via @eliiselite)

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