One expert predicted Game 7’s final score exactly… Dick Vitale

Dick Vitale's Twitter account has rightly got a lot of attention as an entertaining feed where he won't just comment on college basketball, but pop culture and celebrities.  Who could forget his tweet to Eva Longoria in praise of her ex Tony Parker?  Last night before Game 7, Dickie V looked into his VBDI Crystal Ball and came up with this prediction…

Scary, isn't it?  It's a lot like that episode of The Simpsons when Homer predicts a comet will burn up in the atmostphere and harmlessly fall to earth no bigger than a chihauha's head and was actually right much to everyone's fear and amazement.

We give credit where it's due to Dickie V.  With this kind of expert analysis on the NBA, why wouldn't ESPN have Vitale cover the NBA Finals (or at least finally convince TNT to allow him and Charles Barkley to call a game together).Now if we can only get a prediction on the future of North West…

Matt Yoder

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