Dean Blevins is the sports director at KWTV in Oklahoma City, and his last week on social media hasn't been a good one.

Last Tuesday, Blevins tweeted "exclusive" contract details about Nick Saban to Texas, which were soon debunked.

Of course, Saban re-upped with Alabama that Friday, and it looked as if Blevins had pulled his story out of thin air.

This past Monday, things got a little more serious on Twitter with Blevins, as he fired out the following borderline racist tweet, which has now been deleted (but The Lost Ogle managed to snag a screen grab!).

While that tweet was pretty gross, he must have realized (or been told) how stupid it was, and issued an apology on Wednesday.

Moral of the story: think before you tweet, but this isn't exactly a new lesson. But how often do you see one media personality, in the span of less than a week, make two errors that are so divergent from one another? Flawed reporting is one thing, and insensitivity is another, but to hit both of them in a week? All Blevins was missing was a DM that was sent out as a public tweet to finish off the tic-tac-toe of Twitter screwups.

[The Lost Ogle]

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