Rivalries around the country are being taken to a new level thanks to social media.  The biggest rivalry of them all might just be The Game between Ohio State and Michigan.  The Buckeyes have held a decisive edge on the field over the last decade and now they've taken that advantage to Instagram.  Have a gander at what one Buckeye fan posted when he or she hacked the umichfootball Instagram page, Brutus the Buckeye laying the smackdown on a Michigan mascot.


You have to love the subtlety of saying "THIS ACCOUNT HAS BEEN HACKED" in all caps.  I think we got the memo with the picture.  Then again, that image isn't much worse than what Michigan fans saw in their loss against Iowa last weekend.

Unfortunately, the umichfootball account isn't the official Michigan football Instagram page according to the school.  I'm guessing the official account has a bit stronger of a password than "tresselsucks."

Still though, I wonder how long is it before angry Ohio fans hack the official Michigan Twitter feed with pictures of the Bobcats NCAA Tournament victory over the Wolverines as revenge for Brady Hoke constantly calling Ohio State "Ohio" and confusing the two universities?

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