NPR correspondent says Ernie Banks played for the White Sox

Last Wednesday on NPR, correspondent Ari Shapiro was talking about this year's recipients of the Presidential Medal of Freedom. One of those recipients was Ernie Banks, the legendary Cubs player.

When discussing Banks, Shapiro mentioned that Banks played for President Obama's favorite team – the Chicago White Sox. Angry Cubs fans flooded NPR with e-mails:

"Ernie Banks played for the Chicago White Sox??? Next NPR newsflash: Derek Jeter named captain of the Boston Red Sox."

"Isn't it bad enough that Cubs fans have had virtually nothing else to cheer about in over 100 years besides being Ernie Banks's team, and now this!"

"Tragedy struck today at around 7:30 EST … across the nation Cubs fans' heads suddenly exploded."  

Yes, this was just a simple error – but it sure was an unfortunate one. His nickname is Mr. Cub! Banks is as synonymous with the Cubs as Derek Jeter is with the Yankees, or Ted Williams was with the Red Sox, or David Wright is with the Mets. Placing him on a rival is just…. wrong.

[NPR via Sherman Report]

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