Nick Faldo has had enough of you idiots shouting food items

Can we all agree that ironically shouting things like "mashed potatoes" at golf tournaments has ran its course?  Someone at the PGA Championship thought it would be clever to put a twist on it by shouting "scalloped potatoes" for this Adam Scott drive on Saturday.  Aha aha haha… please allow me to light a q-tip on fire and pour gasoline into my ears.  It was finally time for Nick Faldo to say enough is enough.

Look, let's all make a gentelmen's agreement here.  The first guy who shouted a random food at a golf tournament was legitimately funny.  The second guy to do it deserved a chuckle.  But no more.  What's next?  LOADED BAKED POTATO WITH BUTTER AND SOUR CREAM ON THE SIDE!  Let's pump the brakes on this one.

Video via Guyism

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