NHL.com is running highlights with an NHL ’94 twist

The NHL's official site is taking highlights in a familiar, pixilated direction. If you were a gamer back in the early '90s, these highlights might hit you right in the nostalgia. In celebrating the 20th anniversary of the incredibly popular video game NHL '94, the NHL has been offering a series of highlights with an NHL '94 twist. 

Patrick Kane's spin-o-rama goal recently received the NHL '94 treatment, including the classic scoreboard and unforgettable organ soundtrack and sound effects. 

As if adding a retro twist to modern highlights wasn't enough, the NHL also has numerous videos showing "highlights" from NHL '94 plays. You probably never thought you'd see new highlight videos from guys like Adam Oates, Mark Messier and Jeremy Roenick. Think again. 

For example, Mario Lemieux capitalizes on a turnover at the blueline. 

Give credit to the NHL for honoring one of the best and most frustrating games of all time. This is a fun, innovative idea and we'd love to see other sports recognizing their video game counterparts. Want to see more NHL '94 highlights? Swing on by the NHL Video page and you'll find plenty of videos to satisfy that nostalgic itch. 

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