Here's your weekly look at NFL ratings, which shows the pure dominance of the league from a local and national level.


Time marches on, and Fox NFL Sunday's winning streak over The NFL Today on CBS marches on. Fox beat CBS at 12 p.m. ET by a score of 3.8 to 2.6. It will be interesting to see if CBS shaking up of the pregame team next week (sending various analysts to game sites and putting voices from the network's That Other Pregame Show in their chairs) does anything to move the needle toward The Eye Network.

Fox (Regional Window)

With a slate led by a wildly entertaining Seattle-Indianapolis game and the undefeated New Orleans Saints taking on the Chicago Bears, Fox matched their regional ratings from Week 5 of the 2012 season. The games, which also included Philadelphia-New York and Detroit-Green Bay, drew a 12.5 overnight rating, same as last year's slate that included Philadelphia-Pittsburgh, Atlanta-Washington and Green Bay-Indianapolis. 

Worth noting: the New York Giants remain an excellent television draw in their market (16.8 rating in New York), despite being what we can all agree is just the worst team in the history of the sport. Aside from the Jaguars. Also, New Orleans remains simply mad about their Saints, drawing an astonishing 52.8 local rating.

Top 10 local markets for Fox regional window

Market Game Rating
1. New Orleans New Orleans vs. Chicago 52.8/76
2. Milwaukee Detroit vs. Green Bay 40.8/73
3. Indianapolis Seattle vs. Indianapolis 38.4/62
4. Seattle Seattle vs. Indianapolis 33.6/68
5. Chicago New Orleans vs. Chicago 28.4/58
6. Detroit Detroit vs. Green Bay 25.8/49
7. Philadelphia Philadelphia vs. NY Giants 25.6/51
8. Phoenix Carolina vs. Arizona 20.1/41
9. Charlotte Carolina vs. Arizona 18.9/33
10. Minneapolis Detroit vs. Green Bay 18.4/41

CBS (1 p.m. ET window)

Despite not having the New York or Chicago markets available due to broadcast restrictions, the early window on CBS drew a 9.7 overnight, up 4.3% from last year's slate. The Bengals and Patriots, as well as the undefeated Chiefs, led this year's 1 p.m. ET window, whereas a non-competitive Giants-Browns game was tops in Week 5 last year.

Also of note: Kansas City has officially caught the fever for their Chiefs, as only Denver, Milwaukee and New Orleans had higher local ratings for any game on the day. In St. Louis, the Rams were easily beaten by the Cardinals playoff game on TBS (20.9 to 16.7).

Top 10 local markets for 1 p.m. ET CBS window

Market Game Rating
1. Kansas City Kansas City vs. Tennessee 39.6/69
2. Boston New England vs. Cincinnati 34.3/62
3. Cincinnati New England vs. Cincinnati 32.9/55
4. Baltimore Baltimore vs. Miami 31.1/58
5. Nashville Kansas City vs. Tennessee 27.9/46
6. Providence New England vs. Cincinnati 26.6/46
7. Dayton New England vs. Cincinnati 23.8/42
8. Miami Baltimore vs. Miami 17.2/37
9. Jacksonville Jacksonville vs. St. Louis 17.2/32
10. St. Louis Jacksonville vs. St. Louis 16.7/36

CBS (Game of the Week Window)

The Oakland Athletics paid CBS a massive favor by having a playoff game on Saturday night. It got the Raiders game out the 4:25 p.m. ET window and let the network show Peyton Manning vs. the Cowboys to everyone in the nation (save for Phoenix, due to blackout restrictions). The game responded by being the fourth-highest scoring contest in NFL history, and the highest rated of the season so far.

Broncos-Cowboys hit 18.6, up 18.5% from a Brady/Manning showdown in last year's big window, and was the highest-rated television program since February's Academy Awards. Ratings are getting absolutely off the charts out in Denver.

Top 10 local markets for Broncos-Cowboys

Market Rating
1. Denver 42.4/76
2. Kansas City 32.7/53
3. San Antonio 32.0/53
4. Richmond 30.9/44
5. Dallas 29.5/55
6. Nashville 26.7/41
7. Albuquerque-Santa Fe 26.5/47
8. Cincinnati 24.6/39
9. New Orleans 24.5/36
10. Norfolk 24.4/36

NBC (Sunday Night Football, Part 1)

NBC got another not-so-great Sunday night game, but still dominated primetime. A San Francisco blow out of Houston drew an 11.6 rating, down just a tick from last year's Chargers-Saints showdown.

Top 10 local markets for 49ers-Texans

Market Rating
1.Sacramento 26.7/43
2. Houston 26.5/40
3. San Francisco/Oakland/San Jose 22.2/41
4. New Orleans 18.6/25
5. Las Vegas 17.0/27
6. San Diego 16.3/29
7. Albuquerque 15.2/24
8. Richmond 15.2/22
9. Indianapolis 13.9/23
10. Washington 13.0/23


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