Fox NFL Sunday kept its winning streak over CBS' The NFL Today going, with a 3.4 to 2.7 victory in the Noon ET hour.

Fox (Regional Window)

Fox's regional window belonged to CBS last year and had the Cowboys, Saints Redskins, Lions, Giants and Seahawks all playing in games that meant something to either them or their opponents, which meant solid ratings. Fox hit a 13.3 rating for the singleheader, up 14 percent from CBS' performance in Week 16 of last year.

Also note that the ratings in Charlotte for the Panthers were a season high.

Top local markets for Fox's regional window
Market Game Rating
1. New Orleans New Orleans vs. Carolina 47.4/70
2. Seattle Arizona vs. Seattle 41.5/74
3. Charlotte New Orleans vs. Carolina 33.6/62
4. Cincinnati Minnesota vs. Cincinnati 31.6/55
5. Detroit NY Giants vs. Detroit 28.8/50
6. Greensboro New Orleans vs. Carolina 26.3/43
7. Washington Dallas vs. Washington 25.6/51
8. Minneapolis Minnesota vs. Cincinnati 24.9/51
9. Dallas Dallas vs. Washington 24.0/52
10. Richmond Dallas vs. Washington 23.4/43

CBS (1 p.m. ET Window)

CBS had the popular Broncos, Chiefs and Colts in the 1 p.m. ET window, along with exclusivity in the New York market for an unfortunate Browns-Jets tilt. The window drew a 10.8 rating, up nearly two percent from Fox's 1 p.m. ET window last year.

Top local markets for CBS' 1 p.m. ET Window
Market Game Rating
1. Kansas City Indianapolis vs. Kansas City 40.5/63
2. Denver Denver vs. Houston 37.7/74
3. Indianapolis Indianapolis vs. Kansas City 35.2/60
4. Cleveland Cleveland vs. NY Jets 25.9/49
5. Nashville Tennessee vs. Jacksonville 20.8/37
6. Houston Denver vs. Houston 19.4/43
7. Jacksonville Tennessee vs. Jacksonville 18.3/38
8. West Palm Beach Miami vs. Buffalo 17.0/36
9. Miami Miami vs. Buffalo 15.8/36
10. Phoenix Denver vs. Houston 14.6/32

CBS ("America's Game of the Week" Window)

CBS has three games with huge playoff implications featuring massively popular franchises — Patriots-Ravens, Steelers-Packers and Raiders-Chargers — and drew a 14.8 overnight rating. It was a bit surprising the figures weren't higher, but with the last weekend shopping day before Christmas coinciding with temperatures in the 50s and 60s on much of the east coast, viewers levels were likely down naturally. 

Still, that 14.8 is up nearly 13 percent from Fox's 4:25 p.m. ET window last year, which featured the Ravens blowing out the Giants in most of the country. 

Top local markets for CBS' 4:25 p.m. ET Window
Market Game Rating
1. Milwaukee Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay 44.1/66
2. Pittsburgh Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay 43.0/63
3. Baltimore New England vs. Baltimore 36.3/59
4. Boston New England vs. Baltimore 35.6/60
5. Providence New England vs. Baltimore 30.4/48
6. San Diego Oakland vs. San Diego 25.9/56
7. Minneapolis Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay 18.8/38
8. Dayton Pittsburgh vs. Green Bay 18.4/33
9. Cincinnati New England vs. Baltimore 17.6/31
10. Kansas City New England vs. Baltimore 17.6/30

NBC (Sunday Night Football

Another week, another blowout on NBC. The Eagles dispatched of the Bears nicely, which drew a 12.5 overnight rating. Despite having two massive markets both in playoff chases, this was down a tick from last year's 12.6 for 49ers-Seahawks.

Top local markets for NBC's Sunday Night Football
Market Rating
1. Philadelphia 30.3/46
2. Chicago 27.5/43
3. Milwaukee 19.6/32
4. Richmond 16.9/26
5. Norfolk 16.5/26
6. Las Vegas 15.6/26
7. Albuquerque 14.5/23
8. Sacramento 14.0/25
9. Phoenix 13.5/23
10. Denver 13.4/26


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