After both being strangely down a little last week, the 12 p.m. ET hour returned to normal levels, with Fox NFL Sunday beating CBS' The NFL Today 3.7 to 2.9. Fox has won all 14 weeks of the 2013 season in the battle of the pregame shows. 

CBS (Regional Window) 

The Eye Network benefited from having some of that crazy, snow-filled 1 p.m. ET action, between Kansas City-Washington, a bizarre Miami-Pittsburgh ending, as well as matchups featuring the Jets and Indianapolis. 

The window, which also featured a late Denver Broncos game, scored a 13.3 rating, up 11 percent from the same window in 2012.

Top local markets for CBS' regional window
Market Game Rating
1. Denver Tennessee vs. Denver 42.6/73
2. Pittsburgh Miami vs. Pittsburgh 41.3/66
3. Kansas City Kansas City vs. Washington 40.9/64
4. Cincinnati Indianapolis vs. Cincinnati 37.4/55
5. Boston Cleveland vs. New England 34.1/62
6. Cleveland Cleveland vs. New England 31.7/55
7. Providence Cleveland vs. New England 28.2/49
8. Nashville Tennessee vs. Denver 24.9/36
9. Buffalo Buffalo vs. Tampa Bay 22.3/44
10. Washington Kansas City vs. Washington 20.7/33

Fox (1 p.m. ET Window) 

Fox also had a solid early going, with the much-buzzed about Lions-Eagles snow game in Philadelphia, as well as games featuring Baltimore, Minnesota, Green Bay and Atlanta. The network hit an 11.8 rating, up 3.5 percent from 2012. 

Top local markets for Fox's 1 p.m. ET Window
Market Game Rating
1. Milwaukee Atlanta vs. Green Bay 40.4/65
2. Baltimore Minnesota vs. Baltimore 36.2/53
3. Philadelphia Detroit vs. Philadelphia 34.8/57
4. Minneapolis Minnesota vs. Baltimore 34.6/64
5. Detroit Detroit vs. Philadelphia 32.6/58
6. New Orleans Atlanta vs. Green Bay 20.8/33
7. Atlanta Atlanta vs. Green Bay 19.9/38
8. Nashville Detroit vs. Philadelphia 18.0/29
9. Denver Detroit vs. Philadelphia 16.2/31
10. Albuquerque Detroit vs. Philadelphia 16.2/31

Fox ("America's Game of the Week" Window) 

Fox had a solid lineup late, with games featuring the New York Giants, as well as the fierce 49ers-Seahawks rivalry, as well as the surprisingly playoff contending Arizona Cardinals. Fox hit an 18.1 rating, up 17 percent from last year's Saints-Giants tilt in the similar window.

Top local markets for Fox's 4:25 p.m. ET Window
Market Game Rating
1. Seattle Seattle vs. San Francisco 46.1/78
2. Sacramento Seattle vs. San Francisco 31.1/58
3. Bay Area (SF/OAK/SJ) Seattle vs. San Francisco 27.6/60
4. New Orleans Seattle vs. San Francisco 25.8/37
5. San Diego NY Giants vs. San Diego 25.4/53
6. Phoenix St. Louis vs. Arizona 24.6/45
7. Milwaukee Seattle vs. San Francisco 22.5/37
8. Las Vegas Seattle vs. San Francisco 22.2/39
9. Norfolk Seattle vs. San Francisco 20.3/29
10. Portland Seattle vs. San Francisco 19.5/42

NBC (Sunday Night Football

After a huge day, NBC took the only negative hit of the week, with Panthers-Saints drawing a 12.7 overnight, down just under six percent from 2012's Lions-Packers matchup. 

Top local markets for NBC's Sunday Night Football
Market Rating
1. New Orleans 58.2/74
2. Charlotte 33.5/48
3. Greensboro 28.3/38
4. Las Vegas 17.8/27
5. Greenville 17.6/26
6. Sacramento 17.1/27
7. Richmond 17.1/24
8. Raleigh 17.0/26
9. Norfolk 15.8/23
10. Albuquerque 15.3/22


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