In one of the closer gaps of the year, Fox NFL Sunday only beat CBS' The NFL Today by a count of 2.9 to 2.5. Fox is usually well into the mid-3 range. CBS was also down a tick or two with a lighter Sunday than usual.

Fox (Regional Window)

Fox had a pretty weak regional slate, with not even a real lead game in most markets, perhaps Arizona-Philadelphia. They drew a 10.8 overnight in the regional window, down 20 percent from the similar window last year. 

Ironically enough, Buffalo led the way for the Bills home game played in Toronto.

Market Game Rating
1. Buffalo Atlanta vs. Buffalo 33.3/50
2. Minneapolis Chicago vs. Minnesota 32.2/65
3. Chicago Chicago vs. Minnesota 28.5/56
4. Charlotte Tampa Bay vs. Carolina 27.8/54
5. Philadelphia Arizona vs. Philadelphia 27.4/51
6. Bay Area St. Louis vs. San Francisco 21.4/51
7. Phoenix Arizona vs. Philadelphia 20.6/42
8. Sacramento St. Louis vs. San Francisco 20.4/39
9. Greensboro Tampa Bay vs. Carolina 18.9/34
10. Milwaukee Chicago vs. Minnesota 18.0/39

CBS (1 p.m. ET Window)

CBS drew a 12.0 overnight for a regional window featuring New York, New England, Indianapolis and serving as the lead-in to a really popular game. That was CBS' best 1 p.m. ET window since November of 2011. They were up 17 percent from last year's window.

Market Game Rating
1. Indianapolis Tennessee vs. Indianapolis 35.7/61
2. Boston New England vs. Houston 33.9/63
3. Providence New England vs. Houston 30.2/46
4. Cleveland Jacksonville vs. Cleveland 29.5/54
5. Houston New England vs. Houston 24.7/51
6. Nashville Tennessee vs. Indianapolis 23.6/41
7. Jacksonville Jacksonville vs. Cleveland 22.1/38
8. Buffalo Miami vs. NY Jets 18.4/36
9. West Palm Beach Miami vs. NY Jets 18.2/36
10. Kansas City New England vs. Houston 17.1/35

CBS ("America's Game of the Week" Window)

CBS rode Peyton Manning's Broncos and the Chiefs to their highest rating of the season, with a 17.4 overnight. The window (which also featured Bengals-Chargers) was up 13 percent from a Steelers-Ravens-led window in 2012. 

Rating Game Market
1. Kansas City Denver vs. Kansas City 51.2/77
2. Denver Denver vs. Kansas City 45.8/78
3. Cincinnati Cincinnati vs. San Diego 36.8/56
4. Dayton Cincinnati vs. San Diego 28.8/45
5. Indianapolis Denver vs. Kansas City 27.9/44
6. Nashville Denver vs. Kansas City 24.2/38
7. Norfolk Denver vs. Kansas City 23.5/33
8. Providence Denver vs. Kansas City 23.0/34
9. Baltimore Denver vs. Kansas City 22.9/39
10. Knoxville Denver vs. Kansas City 22.8/34

NBC (Sunday Night Football

NBC got knocked quite a bit for sticking with the Giants and Washington on Sunday night, but they still drew a hefty 12.1 rating. That was higher than the number their Thanksgiving night game between the Steelers and Ravens hit (11.8) and only down 10 percent from last season's Eagles-Cowboys game. 

Market Rating
1. Washington 25.0/40
2. Richmond 23.4/33
3. New Orleans 19.5/27
4. Norfolk 18.3/27
5. Las Vegas 17.5/27
6. Baltimore 16.8/26
7. Greensboro 15.5/22
8. Seattle 15.1/25
9. Indianapolis 14.6/22
10. Sacramento 14.4/24


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