CBS 3 Philly weekend news anchor Nicole Brewer and meteorologist Carol Erickson became news themselves recently after an uncomfortably hilarious bit of unscripted banter. As it turns out, the pair have a history of testy on-air exchanges.

The folks at AmazingLife247 have dipped into the archives and created a montage of the bickering between Brewer, a former Miss Pennsylvania, and Erickson, a veteran of 35 years at the station. It's clearly Brewer who initiates most of the dust-ups with a heavy dose of bitter sarcasm, while Erickson gets caught on the defensive. At first, Erickson's reluctance to play along with Brewer's monkey business shows the kind of professionalism you'd expect from a veteran of three-plus decades.

But the long-time meteorologist finally cracks, quipping, "That was an interesting little exchange I'm sure she regrets, along with that last glass of… whatever." Accusing a co-worker of drinking on the job is a low blow, and quite the tongue-in-cheek accusation.

The Philly Post called the mashup a "master class in highly public passive-aggresive behaviour." We call it television gold.

[Hat-tip to Gawker]

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