One of the best things about sports and social media is the creative way franchises have adapted to this new age to entertain fans.  A clever viral video is a fantastic way for a team that's usually not in the headlines to gain nationwide attention.  Enter the NHL's Nashville Predators.

After a routine regular season victory over the Toronto Maple Leafs late last week, the Preds' video department made what may be the best team-sponsored highlight video I've ever seen.  It's not so much about a game of hockey as it is the greatness of America.

It's a fine example of American exceptionalism at its most exceptionalist…

The most American things in this video:

1) Hulk Hogan's Real American theme song
T2) George Washington
T2) Abraham Lincoln
4) Hacksaw Jim Duggan
5) Chuck Norris
6) Apple Pie
7) Captain America
8) The Grand Canyon
9) Statue of Liberty
10) Robocop
11) Angry Looking Baby
12) Nashville Predators



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