You might remember Toronto Blue Jays' shortstop Munenori Kawasaki from his memorable post-game chat with Sportsnet's Arash Madani back on May 26th. The clip went viral, and Kawasaki became a folk hero in Toronto and across the Major Leagues.

On that Sunday afternoon, Kawasaki took the mic from teammate Mark DeRosa. Over the weekend, the Japanese infielder did it again, this time during DeRosa's interview on MLB Network's Intentional Talk with Chris Rose and Kevin Millar.

DeRosa calls Kawasaki over just like he did the first time around, and sure enough, Kawasaki has the book of English phrases that he used to such great effect in his first public address. 

Rose and Millar can't contain their excitement when they see their special guest. They laugh at everything Kawasaki says, and while most of the lines are hilarious, their reactions are a bit over the top. Millar professes his love for the extroverted utility man. We also learn that Kawasaki knows Brian Wilson's catchphrase and is hip to the Black Eyed Peas.

The 32-year old veteran's knack for comedic timing and desire to entertain are rarely seen in the cliché-driven world of athlete interviews, and it's refreshing. Kawasaki has already won over a clubhouse, a city, and a nation. This appearance in front of the MLB Network audience could lift his folk hero status to a whole new level.

[Video courtesy MLB Cut4]

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