As the movie "Now You See Me" is about to be released worldwide on May 31, the cast is doing its part to promote the flick. Veteran actors Michael Caine and Morgan Freeman were doing satellite interviews this week with various TV morning shows across the country to talk about the premiere. By the time Caine and Freeman came on air with the Q13 Fox News This Morning program in Seattle, you could understand that either man might be winded. 

You'll see that Caine was personable, even throwing in the anchors' names a couple of times. But as for Freeman, it was lights out. Literally. The man with the great pipes stumbled through the first and last questions with Caine doing most of the talking for the four minute segment. Notice how Morgan struggles to stay awake, but by the time the segment goes back full screen to Caine and Freeman, he's out. 

The producers cut away to show some scenes from the movie, but then after the scenes are finished, Freeman is out like a light. He suddenly awakes and struggles to keep his eyes open. He tries to answer the final question, but you can see Freeman is not quite coherent. It was very funny and shows the pitfalls of doing multiple interviews early in the morning. 

Freeman has taken it all in stride. On his Facebook page, he posted a pic with a brief explanation. Nice to see that Morgan has a sense of humor about the whole thing. 


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