It's the holidays for everyone in sports, and sometimes we all take a little bit of time to ourselves and maybe lose focus on our work-related priorities. We all take time to reflect on the year, and are often distracted when it comes to what's important during the other 11 or so months of the calendar. 

All I'm saying is perhaps this is what happened when the Monday Night Countdown crew allowed this user to throw his two cents into the show during the "field pass" segment. Via @erikmal


I mean, we cut off what he was saying at the pass, but it seemed reasonable, right? The Seahawks can win in the playoffs, and giving the ball to Marshawn Lynch will be a big part of that strategy. Perhaps, this isn't a screwup, but ESPN realizing that no matter what your name is on Twitter, your Hot Sports Take will not be denied. 

Personally, I think we should all stand and applaud ESPN this Christmas for their dedication to getting top-notch opinions onto the air, no matter what. We only kid of course, as we're sure this was just a simple mistake. But props to @flamingbagofpoo, who seems proud of him or herself.

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