I'm always amazed at the new ways discovered in which sports interviews can go horribly, horribly wrong.  Today we turn to the world of mixed martial arts and MMA Mayhem's George Kennebrew interview with fighter Cliff Thompson.  Thompson had just won a 3 round fight against Doug Usher at Wild Bill's Fight Night 57 (yes, that's the real title).

After the first question, Thompson staggers off stage and hurls.  Kennebrew's grossed out reaction is utterly priceless.

Better for Thompson that he threw up during the victorious post-fight interview instead of during the fight, lest he become the MMA version of Donovan McNabb.  Good thing Thompson wasn't competitve eating either, or else the victory would be overturned due to the infamous reversal of fortune.

And we thought Gregg Popovich was short on words, yeesh!  

Video via Guyism

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