MLB has locked their Twitter account – again

The NLCS starts tonight in St Louis. Anticipation is at a high for this clash between the Dodgers and Cardinals, two of the most storied franchises in baseball history. And how is MLB handling the series on Twitter?

By making their account private, of course.

They did this a year ago, and I skewered them for it then. They're doing it again, this time in the middle of the Playoffs on a day where a game is actually taking place, and once again, it's ridiculously stupid.

The promotion is sponsored by Pepsi, and called #Locktober (sigh). Apparently, MLB is giving away "one of a kind" prizes during this lockdown. Because if there's one thing that's important in the middle of the Postseason, it's giving away World Series tickets and signed balls from a private Twitter account while asking easy trivia questions.

I can't believe they're doing this again. Do this junk during Spring Training, or on a league-wide off day in the middle of the season (like maybe the day after the All-Star Game, or a break in between Postseason series). Locking your account in the middle of the Postseason on the day of the first game of the LCS is just stupid. I can't wait for them to do this next year on Opening Day.

Joe Lucia

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