On Friday in Los Angeles, Metta World Peace gave what can only be described as the most MWP weather report ever.

He hopped on KTTV-TV to talk basketball and weather.

They also showed a clip of World Peace attempting to do the same in Canada for CTV last year. He said of Victoria, "she sounds like she's hot," and "couldn't quite read the Canadian slang," which I can only assume is Celsius degrees?

When World Peace does the weather, he decides to do it Yoga style. They decided to do the hometown weather of famous Lakers. He tells Earl Clark to put his pants on, points to entirely wrong cities as he talks, and then eventually says of the LA forecast, "just read, if you can't read, go to school!" (after he says Meta, Missouri needs to ad an extra "t.")

While World Peace certainly does not have a future as a meterologist in terms of accuracy and knowledge, his reports are far more entertaining than most, so he should keep doing that as the opportunities present themselves.

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