Marty Reid isn’t sure when this Nationwide Series race ends


ESPN's NASCAR Nationwide Series announcer Marty Reid is no stranger to the occasional gaffe in the broadcast booth, whether it's calling races or forgetting who he's working with.  In fact, Reid joins the rarefied air of the likes of John Sterling by having his own YouTube blooper compilations.  Quite the company I know.

Add another one to the "highlight reel" this weekend in Kentucky.  Reid got really excited for Ryan Blaney's victory and his checkered flag call.  So excited in fact that he gave it one lap too soon.  The terse reply from his analyst, "one more lap to finish it up, buddy" didn't help things.  Reid's first attempt certainly had a bit more energy and excitement than the second one, but I guess that's what happens when you jump the gun by a lap.  D'oh!  Video after the jump…

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