In case you didn't know, Manny Ramirez is now playing in Taiwan after an uninspiring minor league stint with the Oakland Athletics last summer. He failed to catch on with any major league team this offseason, and headed to Asia, where he's playing on the EDA Rhinos.

Yesterday, Ramirez hit his first homer of the year for the Rhinos, and the reaction from the play-by-play announcer was, in a word, unbelievable. If you've ever watched Asian pro wrestling or MMA, you're likely familiar with this style of announcing: uncontrolled screaming, and the only words that your English-speaking self can make out are the athlete's name.

On a related note, now that Taiwanese play by play has joined Taiwanese animation in the consciousness of sports fans, I wonder what's going to be the next hot trend coming out of the country. Ridiculous replica caps and jerseys, perhaps?

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