“Mainus all bloodied up here” and more from the best name ever for MMA commentary

Michael Schiavello is an Australian MMA announcer who drew one of the most amazing assignments in the history of the spoken word this weekend – a fight between Zac Chavez and Danny Mainus at Resurrection Fighting Alliance 7.  On paper, it doesn't look like anything extraordinary… until you watch and listen to the commentary of the fight.  You can't hear "still riding the back of Mainus" or "Mainus trying to work the clinch" and not break out in giggles like you were in pre-school and heard the word "doody" for the first time.

Somehow, Schiavello made it through the fight without breaking down in a fit of uncontrollable laughter.  That takes some impressive willpower and self-discipline.  I would have been gone after "Mainus getting beaten on."  After the fight was over Schiavello talked about the experience on his Twitter page…

This is why they encourage you to pronounce Uranus as "yur-e-ness" instead of the way it's actually spelled.

Matt Yoder

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