Los Angeles station’s live New Year’s Eve show is a massive trainwreck


KDOC is an independent TV station in Los Angeles that decided to broadcast a live New Year's Eve show this year.

Bad idea.

Terrible idea.

In fact, the only worse idea in all of television would be the launching of ESPN Crossfire starring Skip Bayless, Colin Cowherd, Stephen A. Smith, Rick Reilly, and Rob Parker.  (Crap… I just gifted Bristol that one…)

Watch this six minute montage of KDOC's New Year's Eve broadcast that features a cavalcade of awkward pauses, cringe-inducing transitions, audience members mocking questions off cuecards, Macy Gray acting weirder than even Jenny McCarthy, several f bombs, and an on-stage fight to end the evening.  Ah, the joys of live television.

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