Les Miles is a national title-winning head coach at LSU, and sometimes says quirky things and eats grass. But no one has ever accused Coach Miles of being a bad driver, until Nov. 5 when he took ESPN reporter Kaylee Hartung to work with him. First, Miles forgot to put on his seatbelt. Dangerous, but not uncommon for people who don't drive with ESPN's cameras in their cars. Second, Miles runs a red light, then explains to Hartung in coach speak that it was more of an anticipation of the green. (He clearly looks both ways and goes, like an American.)


This is a dumb controversy, but it apparently warranted a question at Miles' press conference the next day. He defended himself with a non-denial denial.

Basically, if ESPN is in the car, that drive should be treated like a driver's test. Except instead of one judgmental DMV employee watching, there are millions of viewers and the ability to play your driving infractions over and over.

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