Before KTLA aired their interview with Marathon Goddess Julie Weiss on Sunday, KTLA weatherman Jim Castillo enthusiastically declared he had met her and that she had some "nice titties." He tries to cover that up by then saying, "uhh tennis shoes' and tries to pass it off like he was saying "tennies." Smooth.

While a part of me really does think he said "tennies", it's really hard to tell, and that Joey Tribiani "how you doin?" head nod does nothing to help his cause. As Guyism's Chris Spags points out: "I know the face of a man who’s taken in some nice titties when I see it. And Jim Castillo liked the titties he saw." It appeares that Weiss had a great sense of humor about the whole thing, tweeting that they should recreate the moment on the Late Show with David Letterman. Weiss is in the process of running 52 marathons in a year to raise money for pancreatic cancer. It appears Castillo helped her take a giant leap forward in getting the word out about her cause – whether he meant to or not!


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