Last night, Kevin Ware appeared on the Late Show to do David Letterman's Top 10 list. Ware has certainly been getting a ton of media attention since his horrific leg injury last weekend. I honestly knew nothing about him before, and I have to say, he is an amazing young man. The way his teammates and coaches have supported him fully and without hesitation speaks to the kind of person and player that he is. 

While the actual list, the Top 10 things that went through his head the moment he broke his leg, isn't that funny, (what Top 10 list is?) the preceeding interview really emphasizes why everyone is pulling for him:

From saying that he immediately wanted to call his mother from the hospital to make sure she was okay, to comparing his injury to something from the Texas Chainsaw Massacre, I found myself smiling throughout the entire interview.

It's nice to hear Ware's prognosis is as positive as his outlook. If we're picking favorites to win Monday's title game based on media darlings, Louisville will be cutting down the nets for sure.

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