CSN Chicago Bulls analyst Kendall Gill and BTN analyst Tim Doyle got into a scuffle at the CSN studios in Chicago on Tuesday night according to Danny Ecker of Crain's Chicago Business. The fight occurred after GIll confronted Doyle about Doyle's questioning of Gill's analysis of Monday's Bulls-Nuggets game. Gill has been suspended by CSN for the time being while an investigation occurs.

Gill went off on the officials after Monday's game, when Joakim Noah was called for offensive interference on what would have been a game-winning basket. On Tuesday night, Doyle took the other side of the argument during a taping of Sports Talk Live on CSN, and was confronted by Gill afterwards. Gill reportedly threw a punch at Doyle after a shoving match ensued, and blood was drawn (though it's still unclear whose blood it was). The strange part is that before Sports Talk Live went on the air, Gill and Doyle were chatting about the subject in a friendly manner, but something that Doyle said during the panel must have set Gill off. And for the record, Gill has boxed in a few professional fights

The details of this story are still rolling out, so don't be surprised if we continue to learn more in the coming days. The Bulls next play on Thursday against the Trail Blazers. In perhaps an odd footnote, Gill played his college hoops at Illinois, while Doyle played at Northwestern. The two schools that are geographic rivals (though there's not much of a rivalry in basketball due to NU's ongoing struggles to make the NCAA Tournament). At any rate, a straight-up fight between two analysts is pretty crazy, and it'll be interesting to see what ends up happening with this situation.

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