Ken Fang

A former Associated Press Award-winning radio news reporter, Ken was a victim of a round of job cuts at Clear Channel in the aughts. Realizing that he was a media geek and needed to make his voice heard, Ken began blogging about the sports media at Fang's Bites in 2007.

Thinking that 100 people a day were reading his site, Fang was surprised to learn that television network public relations departments were paying attention. Eventually, Fang's Bites grew to the point where the same 101 people read his site daily. In March 2013, Fang joined Awful Announcing and regularly contributes stories to the site.

When he's not writing about the sports media, Ken can be seen reliving "The Drive" by the Denver Broncos, "The Fumble" by his beloved Cleveland Browns and throwing darts at a portrait of Art Modell.

Matt Yoder

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Managing Editor of Awful Announcing and award winning sportswriter. Bloguin consigliere. The biggest cat in the whole wide world.