Keith Olbermann to host late night show on ESPN2?

According to a report from Bob Raissman at the New York Daily News, ESPN and Keith Olbermann are discussing the potential return of the anchor to the mothership. Raissman's article claims that Olbermann would be hosting a late night talk show on ESPN2, but nothing has been officially green lit yet.

The timing of this report is questionable, considering last month's news that Olbermann would be hosting Turner's studio show for the MLB Playoffs. Back in March, there was an initial report about Olbermann possibly returning to ESPN, which we later speculated on

And then, there's his role: as the host of a late night talk show. Back in May, it was reported that ESPN heavily courted Seth Meyers to host a late night talk show before he got Jimmy Fallon's old gig hosting Late Night. It looks as if they've shifted their attention to a more sports-based personality like Olbermann.

But honestly, when I read "Keith Olbermann" and "ESPN2" in the same paragraph, I think about…this. If this does happen, let's hope Olbermann starts his first show by saying, "Good evening and welcome to the end of my career" once again just for old times sake.

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