After appearing in the SI Swimsuit Issue and on a celebrity diving show, Katherine Webb is still showing up in random places – like The Tonight Show. First of all, if Jay Leno is using Katherine Webb, Kendra Wilkinson and Alexis Bellino as "all stars" then there is still hope for Tara Reid. Don't give up, girl!

Anyways, Webb and friends went on Leno's show to answer general knowledge questions, and the results were predictably not pretty.

Of course this is probably staged, although I would expect nothing less from Wilkinson. Webb's highlight was saying we have four branches of the government to then correctly naming the actual three. Regardless of the nature of this trivia "challenge", getting out-smarted by a Real Housewife cannot be fun. It's been over 4 months since Brent Musburger ogled Katherine Webb, how is she still squeezing public appearances out of it???

And Leno should know better than to ask them who is on the front of a $20. As if they carry anything less than $100 bills and plastic.

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