Johnny Manziel’s VIP-ness isn’t what you think it is

During an edition of College Football Live on Wednesday, the topic of discussion was Johnny Manziel (of course), the reigning Heisman Trophy winner. Anchor Joe Tessitore was talking about how people need to focus on Manziel's on-field ability as opposed to "the big event, and celebrity, and VIP-ness."

Say that out loud. VIP-ness isn't a thing. VIPenis…well, that certainly is something. I'm sure that is indeed very important, but I don't know how much of a thing his off the field status really is. I'm thinking MVP-ness would have rolled off the tongue a little better, and I'm stunned we haven't seen this happen before in the era of using non-descriptive superlatives to describe players.

H/T Gamedayr

Joe Lucia

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