I've always wondered, is it really necessary for ESPN to employ one guy whose only job is to predict the NCAA Tournament field?  Besides, Bracketology can't be a real thing.  It's just a contrived, made-for-television-and-internet-consumption buzzword that tricks you into thinking someone, anywhere, can actually be an expert at these types of things.

Turns out, you can be an expert.

ESPN's resident Bracketologist Joe Lunardi proved his worth with a Nate Silveresque performance this year, correctly predicting all 68 teams in this year's tournament, as well as nailing the #1 and #2 seeds and the last 4 at large bids.

As far as prognostications go, Lunardi's 2013 bracket is quite the accomplishment.  In an era where talking heads are more prevalent than ever, it's reassuring to know there are guys out there who do prove their expertise from time to time.

Your move, Brad Edwards.

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